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ProSecure UTM 10 Appliance
January 29, 2020
E-mail Security 4300
January 29, 2020

E-mail Security 3300


Elegantly Simple, Brutally Effective, Always Affordable Anti-Spam Protection: requires email protection subscription
SKU: 01-SSC-6607
Manufacturer: SonicWall

SonicWALL® E-Class Email Security Appliance (ESA) 3300 offers comprehensive, effective and scalable email security for enterprise environments. Powerful yet easy to manage, the ESA 3300 combines anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing capabilities with content filtering and outbound email management, preventing leaks of confidential information and violations of regulatory compliance laws. Its unique pre-emptive scanning Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) offers breakthrough message analysis and industry-leading message delivery rates, providing high performance and enterprise-wide scalability.

*Requires Email Protection Subscription (available below)

SonicWALL© Email Security blocks spam effectively, easily and economically. SonicWALL Email Security takes the burden off of IT, by automating anti-spam updates using real-time business data from around the world, and by delegating costly and time-consuming in-box administration tasks to the end-user while retaining full IT control over security.

Stops Email Spam

Stopping spam, phishing and virus-laden email from reaching your Inbox is what matters most. Vendors may claim 98-100% effectiveness, but to be truly effective, a solution needs fast performance, immediate updates, thorough analysis by applying multiple techniques, and the flexibility to adjust to the unique needs of an organization and its people.

It’s easy to manage

Simplified management shouldn’t mean changing your organization to fit your vendor’s solution. Instead, SonicWALL has optimized and simplified management of its solutions so they can fit your organization. For example, SES automatically receives and applies spam updates, generates and emails defined reports, and synchronizes with LDAP. SonicWALL’s unique end-user anti-spam tools ease management and improve end-user experience, while retaining IT control.

Keeps email spam off of your network

SonicWALL’s best-in-class spam filter stops spam attacks at over 98% effectiveness. This end-to-end email attack monitoring system identifies the sender, analyzes the content and applies a collaborative review to every email.

Includes data leakage protection.

SES identifies and routes email containing sensitive information, offering both inbound compliance and outbound data leakage protection. For example, SES can block receipt of EXE or MP3 files, or re-route outbound email and attachments containing Personal Health Information (PHI) terms to an approval box or trusted partner. SonicWALL’s easy-to-manage policies and compliance tools offer a cost-effective way to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI and SOX.

Protects your server’s reputation.

Should a zombie system that spews out spam, phishing or virus-laden email appear on your network, you could see your email server blacklisted, your ISP connection shut down and your IT resources scrambling to repair the problem – and your reputation. SES protects your network from inbound viruses, Trojans and worms, as well as outbound zombies. SES can even monitor all outbound traffic to ensure your connection isn’t used to spam the world – inadvertently or on purpose.

This award-winning SonicWALL anti-spam solution offers powerful and flexible controls that let you easily finetune your solution to best protect your organization against spam, viruses, phishing attacks, information leaks and compliance violations. A great value, SonicWALL Email Security delivers all the functionality of enterprise-class e-mail security in one easy-to-control solution – at a fraction of the cost of competing products.


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